Quotes and Videos in Support of Women Empowerment

Dr Sangita Reddy, President, FICCI

Ms Jahnabi Phookan
President, FLO

"I am privileged to  pledge the support of FLO, the women's wing  FICCI towards this initiative of Empowering the Greater 50.

As the current President of the body of eminent women entrepreneurs and professionals, I am keen that FLO recognizes its responsibility, its strengths and its role in the area of encouraging and promoting empowerment of women through support in traditional and non-traditional livelihoods. This cannot be truer than in these challenging covid19 times especially for “ those who hold up half the sky.

Stepping into the new decade of 2020's, my thoughts were of Sustainability and to focus on Sustainable Livelihood for women's economic upliftment. In March 2020, the world, as we knew, had changed and in these unprecedented pandemic times , sustainability has taken center stage.

Indeed, it is only through women's sustainable livelihood that can lead to her empowerment and only women's economic empowerment that can lead  to an equitable society ."

Dr Jyotsna Suri
Past President FICCI
Chairperson and Managing Director
The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group and
Mentor, FICCI Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion

“Women deserve equal access to resources and opportunities. To ensure India’s inclusive growth and rightful place in the world order, increased participation of women in various domestic and professional roles must be ensured- be it acceleration in women-owned businesses including MSMEs or increasing women in workforce and leadership roles or empowerment of women at grass-root level.  I mentor FICCI’s Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion with ‘Gender Parity’ as one of the prime focus agendas. FICCI – FLO ‘Empowering the Greater 50%’  is a significant step ahead to augment various existing women-centric initiatives of FICCI and FLO”.   

Ms Harjinder Kaur Talwar
Immediate  Past President, FLO 

"It is my honour to be the co-chair for joint initiative by FICCI and FLO  for Empowering the Greater 50%.

 As the President of FLO in the year 2019-20, I have been able to live my dream of working towards empowering women economically.  I have always believed that women power is infinite, and we just need the right thrust to excel.

 Now, I look forward to working together with FICCI towards the same mandate of empowering the greater 50 percent. Our endeavor will be to further facilitate the three pillars on which Women Empowerment rests are – increasing women in Workforce; creating an enabling environment for women entrepreneurs and women contributing effectively towards the economy". 

Ms Naina Lal Kidwai
Past President-FICCI
Chair - India Advisory Board
Advent Private Equity

"It is well documented that companies perform better financially when they have a diverse and inclusive leadership. Despite that, many women find they are  still alone in a roomful of men, increasing the odds that they will experience workplace discrimination. Empowering the greater 50 percent is a much needed initiative to enable women to rise to their full potential , and  by so doing,  help in India’s trajectory of progress". 

 “I support FICCI - FLO's Empowering the Greater 50% campaign because women still face barriers in exercising their political, social, cultural and employment rights. When we say women, we must be sure to design policies and strategies to by foregrounding the needs and rights of women with disabilities, women from marginalised sexualities, gender and caste backgrounds.”



Ms Chetna Gala Sinha
Co-Chair, World Economic Forum 2018
Founder / Chair,
Mann Deshi Bank & Mann Deshi Foundation

“I am delighted to join the other leaders on the advisory board of FICCI FLO’s ‘Greater 50%’ initiative.

Indeed, we need sustained efforts to increase not just the percentage of women in the workforce but also to improve the quality of our contribution to the economy and society. The focus on promoting women in entrepreneurship and helping them hone and sharpen their decision making abilities are step changes in this direction.

This means much more than achieving gender parity; it gives women the voice and makes them active stakeholders in ushering positive change in their communities. We already have great examples like the success of women Self Help Groups, so I am confident that this initiative is a great start for providing women opportunities to grow and make their mark as equal stakeholders in society.”

"India is working very hard towards unlocking our destiny as a major global economy. For that to happen, it is crucial that we ensure that women, who form half of our population, have an equal and fair opportunity to participate and contribute to the economy. Women’s economic empowerment will not only deliver a tangible growth in our country’s GDP but also contribute to a reduction in poverty levels as they tend to invest a significant part of their earnings among their children and communities. 

I am particularly happy and optimistic about the ‘Empowering the Greater 50%’ initiative by FICCI and FICCI Ladies Organisation as it envisages a holistic collaboration between thought leaders, spanning across the government, academia and the private sector entities. Such convergence of diverse and rich perspectives will help create an effective and sustainable ecosystem for women empowerment.

I look forward to supporting this initiative and accelerating progress". 

Mr Parag Pande
MD and Head HR, Accenture

Ms Rekha Shetty
Convener of the CCC program of the Greater 50


"Corporate Change Champions , both men and women working together can ensure that the greater 50 percent achieve their full potential to build our nation.You are invited to be part of the CCC Oscars programme. The CCC Oscars which is a collaboration between FICCI ,FLO and great places to work will honourcorporates thathave provides this enabling climate".

"We Will Empower Greater 50% (Women) Economically to Empower 100% Indians Economically & Socially!!".

Ms Preeti D’mello
Chair- FICCI D&I Sub Group on Gender Parity.
Systemic Coach | Speaker | Facilitator | Integral Practitioner
Leadership & Organizational Development | Culture & Inclusion | Well-being


"We are taking a step in the right direction with FICCIs Greater 50 initiative. Women are 50% of the population and its time for the ecosystem to step forward and support equality and equity for women in the space of education and opportunities".

“I congratulate FICCI and FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO) for initiating Empowering the Greater 50% initiative. Defying all odds, women have been scaling new heights. But a lot more is needed as women empowerment is still non-existent in many parts of India. I am glad to be associated with this significant endeavor to enable women to have equal access to opportunities in all spheres of life. It is an important step towards India’s economic growth and inclusive nation building”.

"Going ahead, women are going to be the game changers for our country. An economically empowered woman invests a major portion of her finances into improving the socio-economic conditions of her family, which in turn is an investment into her community. We all stand to benefit with more women in power."

 “At Intel, we believe that a diverse workforce and inclusive culture are key to our evolution and to driving our growth. I am very happy to see the ‘Greater 50%’ initiative being rolled out by FICCI-FLO. The mentorship program will provide a very important support system for creating an inclusive culture and reducing inequality of gender participation in our economy. I feel FICCI-FLO is rightly positioned to help India tackle the gender inequality challenge, to lead the diversity charter for India and show the path to the world. 

Collaboration will be the key to making fast progress towards equal participation of women in all levels and aspects of the workplace and economy, across jobs, entrepreneurship, and social leadership from the grassroots to the board level. I look forward to the partnership between the BeingWISE program and the Greater 50% initiative, both of which have complementary goals, to form a strong alliance and make a difference.”


Amb. Meera Shankar
FICCI Women on Corporate Boards Mentorship Program
and Former Ambassador to Germany and USA


 "I take this opportunity to wish FICCI/FLO 5050 a great success and all the very best".


Ms Sanjana Haribhakti
Honorary Consultant
Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra


"Gender is a uniquely pervasive inequality that affects women across the income spectrum, even if the form and extent may vary. The acceptance of this fact by the ‘Empowering the Greater 50’ initiative and its mission to work with women right from the informal sector to boardrooms is what sets it apart as especially impactful".



Ms Ranjana Agarwal
Chartered Accountant
Vaish & Associates